A user feedback tool for every part of the feedback cycle

From feedback collection all the way to feature development and beyond, ProdCamp聽provides all the tools you need to manage feedback in one place.

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Collect Feedback

Collect and centralize any form of feedback from customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Analyze & Prioritize

Assess which requests are most valuable and in-demand, then prioritize the ones with the greatest impact.

Take Action

Respond to customer requests by creating a sprint and beginning development on new features.

Inform Customers

Announce progress and completion of product features, improvements, and bug fixes to customers.

Capture customer insights from everywhere

Don鈥檛 lose track of feedback. Capture it from any channel including; meetings, interviews, emails, reviews, customer service interactions, and many more.
can't keep up analyzing all the feedback

Centralize and analyze every piece of feedback

collect user feedback from multiple channels

Start connecting the dots and making better-informed product decisions. Search, filter, and process all your feature requests. Scour comments for valuable insights, and follow up with customers for more information.

Map and prioritize聽customer requests

analyze feedback

Discover which features will have the greatest impact. Map all your requests on a prioritization matrix to see where the biggest wins are. Remove any guesswork and team bias from the process, while ensuring your development budget is put to optimal use.

feature prioritization matrix

Act on feedback by building impactful features

Kickstart development on user requests. When you鈥檙e ready to go, ProdCamp helps you to combine features into a sprint, and collaborate on them with your development team within ProdCamp. If you鈥檙e using Jira or GitLab, you can even push features to them at the click of a button, with all changes synced with ProdCamp.

Inform customers and close the feedback loop

Increase user engagement and drive feature adoption by providing updates on how you process and act on customer feedback to build new features.
close feedback loop

Public Roadmap

Leave comments and update users about how ideas are progressing on your roadmap.


Publish a changelog and release list on your public feedback portal.

In-App Widget

Send notifications to users of new releases via a widget directly inside your app.

Subscriber Notifications

Feature subscribers receive automated emails as their feedback is received, processed, and developed.

芦As a Product Manager at Wizishop my #1 mission was to find a solution focused on collecting feedback and managing our feature backlog. After reviewing a few competitors looking for a solution that could answer all our needs we were really excited to find Prodcamp. I can only recommend this tool!禄

芦ProdCamp facilitated our transition from blind guessing to data-driven product management and feature prioritization based on real customer demand. I am pleased we chose this product.禄

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