Collect user feedback to build what your customers actually need

Before ProdCamp: User feedback is scattered all over the place, feature prioritization is a game where everyone loses. With ProdCamp users's needs and what to build next is crystal. Keeping everyone informed, just one click away.

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public roadmap
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This is a public product roadmap

And it’s only one of the ways you can collect user feedback with ProdCamp

"Very promising feedback tool"
"Intuitive product management application!"
"Pretty well built"
don't know what to build next

You don't know what to build next?

can't keep up analyzing feedback

Can’t keep up analyzing all the feedback?

flying in the dark

Flying in the dark?

The solution is right here

Release the power of Customer Feedback and Product Management All-In-One tool

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Bring your users back into your product

Enhance customer experience to reduce churn
and increase upsell & cross-sell opportunities


Collect and organize feedback. (in a few clicks)

ProdCamp adapts to the way you collect feedback today and helps you turn it into action and impact.

collect user feedback from multiple channels
ProdCamp Feedback

Analyze user feedback

Turn feedback into features you can organize, analyze and prioritize!
Identify users and account value based on your CRM data.


Prioritize your work. (it's easy!)

ProdCamp connects the dots and helps you prioritize features to inform your product roadmap with real-time insights.

feature prioritization matrix
ProdCamp Feedback

Close the user feedback loop.
(it's automated!)

Get back to your customer with the results.

Send notifications upon releases and user feedback lifecycle events. Provide updates right inside your app, on the public roadmap and in the product changelog.

Tired of spreadsheets and chaotic Trello boards?
Start turning user feedback into revenue and operational efficiency with ProdCamp
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«As a Product Manager at Wizishop my #1 mission was to find a solution focused on collecting feedback and managing our feature backlog. After reviewing a few competitors looking for a solution that could answer all our needs we were really excited to find Prodcamp. I can only recommend this tool!»

«ProdCamp has helped us to align teams on helping customers, and customer feedback is the source of truth to develop the right features. It has also helped us to reduce the number of support cases with feedback and feature requests by 15%

«After an extensive research we came across Prodcamp which helps us determining and prioritising our customer’s requirements. Thus saving us a ton of time and money which we otherwise waste in working on the wrong features!»

ProdCamp feature prioritization matrix for product managers

Feature prioritization matrix

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See your top priorities at a single glance
‍Decisions made easy. No more guessing and endless discussions.

prodcamp integrations

Integrates with your stack

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Identify the value of your features based on your Customer Relationship Manager's data.

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Synchronize tasks with your Project Management software

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Get notifications in your Slack workspace

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Gather user feedback right from Intercom Messenger

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Start turning User Feedback into Revenue Now!

Learn more on how to do it with ProdCamp

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