Build what users actually want using Upvote Software

Enable customers to submit product ideas, upvote their favorites, and follow along as their best suggestions rise to the top to be built.

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Validate demand for product ideas before you develop them

Approximately 45% of all product features in production never even get used. Feature upvoting helps you avoid wasting your budget on unwanted and unprofitable feature requests.
public roadmap settings

Step 1: Create a Product Roadmap

Create a public roadmap in minutes. Then, add your team鈥檚 product ideas, and allow customers to submit their own in a single place.

feature voting process

Step2: Let the Feature Upvoting Begin!

Everyone upvotes the ideas they like. Upvoters can leave comments, attach files, and subscribe for email updates.

build feature with confidence

Step 3: Build with Confidence

Validate which new feature requests are worth building, read comments for further insights, and ready the product ideas for development.

Prioritize the most profitable and in-demand new features

Prioritize by Request Value

Prioritize what gets built based on the number of unique customer accounts that upvote the feature.

prioritize by request count

Prioritize by Feature Value

Sync your CRM to prioritize feature requests based on the revenue of customers who upvote the feature.

prioritize by feature value

Democratize Decisions

Upvote software increases transparency in the decision-making process and helps you make better product decisions and avoid idea bias.

Increase Engagement

Customers feel valued and empowered when they can have a real say in the direction of the product by upvoting features.

Manage Expectations

All stakeholders in the company can see exactly why certain features are being prioritized for development, while others aren鈥檛.

芦As a Product Manager at Wizishop my #1 mission was to find a solution focused on collecting feedback and managing our feature backlog. After reviewing a few competitors looking for a solution that could answer all our needs we were really excited to find Prodcamp. I can only recommend this tool!禄

芦ProdCamp facilitated our transition from blind guessing to data-driven product management and feature prioritization based on real customer demand. I am pleased we chose this product.禄

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ProdCamp鈥檚 Upvote software better than a Trello board, spreadsheets, or other apps?

Spreadsheets and Trello feedback boards were never intended for the use case of upvote software, whereas ProdCamp was purpose-built to be an all-in-one tool for managing customer feedback. This means we have many more features and integrations for every part of the feedback process.

Is it possible to downvote?

Downvoting is not currently a feature of ProdCamp as it鈥檚 not particularly useful when prioritizing feature requests.

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