Get valuable insights to improve your app with a user feedback widget

Capture customer feedback from the place where users are most engaged with your product – directly inside your app

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Start collecting in-app user feedback in minutes

With a feedback widget strategically placed in-app, you can ask your users any questions you want.
Changelog entry creation

Step 1: Install the Widget

Add a small piece of code to your app to install the customer feedback widget.

Changelog entry linking and tagging

Step2: Ask A Question

Customize the feedback widget by adjusting the messaging.

Changelog entry publishing

Step 3: Start Collecting Feedback

Receive in-app customer feedback including comments, screenshots, and files.

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Share with the changelog widget

Install our embeddable widget in-app or on a webpage so users get notifications when they’re most engaged.

Changelog entry in feedback portal

Share via your feedback portal

Publish your changelog on your online portal – handy for customers to find with your roadmap, release list, and more

Improve User Engagement

Increase trust and engagement by showing you listen and address user feedback. 

Boost Feature Adoption

Drive feature adoption by creating more awareness of your new features.

Increase Customer Retention

Higher feature usage and adoption can often correlate with lower customer churn.

Powerful changelog widget

We've created a changelog widget which is suitable for any project or website. You can easily install it into your application and keep your users updated all the time

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Easy installation and usage

You simply generate an installation code in your ProdCamp account and insert it into your page <body> tag, add an attribute to any button you want to activate the widget and "Voilà"!

Changelog widget Installation
<script>!function(t,e,a,n){function o(){if(!e.getElementById(a)){var t=e.getElementsByTagName(n)[0],o=e.createElement(n);o.type="
if("function"!=typeof t.ProdCamp){var c=function(){c.args.push(arguments)};c.p="{your_product_id}",


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a changelog?

A changelog is a text that informs stakeholders of recent product changes (features, improvements, and fixes).

Changelog vs Release notes – What’s the difference?

Changelogs and release notes have very similar, if not the same functionality, hence the words are often used interchangeably. In the past, changelogs were commonly associated with software development and the release of technical details, while release notes would provide more context behind the changes. Our changelog tool can be used to produce release notes or changelogs.

Can my public changelog page be run on a custom domain?

Yes! On our Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans, you can run your public feedback portal (which includes your changelog) on a custom domain.

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