Build a Public Roadmap, Build a Better Product

Capture customer feedback, prioritize what they want you to build, and align everyone behind a winning product vision.

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Create A Branded Experience

Customize your public roadmap with your logo, favicon, name, description, and domain.

Capture Customer Feedback 

Submit suggestions for new features and functionalities.

Build In Minutes

Get your public roadmap online in minutes with no coding required.

Prioritize With Ease

Let customers upvote roadmap items and leave comments to help prioritize what’s important. 

Keep Customers In The Loop

Inform customers of what’s being built, soon to be built, and planned for the future

Categorize Feedback

Set categories such as departments and product types to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Attract More Customers

Build your product in a direction that helps to attract more users.

Retain More Customers

Prevent customers churning that are waiting for a vital missing feature to be developed.

Increase Transparency

Foster a stronger relationship with your users and show that the company cares.

Collect More Feedback

Encourage customers to provide suggestions by making it much easier for them to do so.

Bring Everyone Together

Align every stakeholder in the company around a public product roadmap.

Manage Customer Expectations

Show what you’re working on and make it easier to explain the features that aren’t a priority.

«As a Product Manager at Wizishop my #1 mission was to find a solution focused on collecting feedback and managing our feature backlog. After reviewing a few competitors looking for a solution that could answer all our needs we were really excited to find Prodcamp. I can only recommend this tool!»

«ProdCamp has helped us to align teams on helping customers, and customer feedback is the source of truth to develop the right features. It has also helped us to reduce the number of support cases with feedback and feature requests by 15%

«After an extensive research we came across Prodcamp which helps us determining and prioritising our customer’s requirements. Thus saving us a ton of time and money which we otherwise waste in working on the wrong features!»

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public product roadmap?

A public roadmap is a tool that companies use to publish their future product plans, provide product updates, and get product feedback from customers. Typically, customers can comment and vote on which features are their highest priority, and help shape the direction of upcoming features and the product strategy as a whole.

How do you build a product roadmap?

The easiest way is to use a product roadmap tool such as ProdCamp to build a public product roadmap in minutes. Within the settings, you can customize your roadmap with your branding, domain, and categories. Then, add details of any upcoming features and those under consideration. And lastly, publish a link to your public roadmap with your customers.

How do you prioritize on a product roadmap?

Customers can upvote the features they want the most. Additionally, by syncing your CRM with ProdCamp, you can prioritize based on the revenue of the customers who upvote the feature.

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