January in hindsight

Table of contents:

January 2020 release notes:

Time is running unbelievably fast, It feels like yesterday was January and last week was 2019.

This is what we shipped during our previous sprint which we have 4 weeks long.

  1. Check out our new product switching menu on the left (web and mobile landscape).
  2. We added search to the features page.
  3. We completely changed all states of features. Maybe in the future we make it configurable.
  4. We launched our production environment. No matter what experiments we run on our staging servers, the service will be up and running.
  5. Navigating on pages was not good at all, and implementing bread crumbs was complicated, we decided to use modal dialog windows. Would love to hear your feedback on this.
  6. Inside the sprint view you can now edit spint's status.
  7. The feedback module has been reworked and now you can attach your feedbacks to features. A contact will be added to your list of contacts and pushed to your CRM when we release CRM integrations.
  8. When editing a feature you can now add required activities for that feature like: a blog post, a webinar, documentation update, sales team training. social media update. Also before designing the feeature, you can add a link to a mockup to the field that we added for this.
  9. Features in the list (and on Kanban board) with higher than normal priorities will be shown on top and will have a red badge on it.
  10. For public features you can add comments inside the app and make them either public or private.
  11. Added pagination to the top of all pages.

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